When we began

Established in 1981

BDH Construction LLC is a family owned and operated general ​construction company.  Bradley Dean Huber opened the doors in 1981.  We have grown and expanded over the years; however, his “old-school” business philosophy and candid morals remain the core of our company model.

We are proud of our client base, staff and the wide-ranging knowledge we have acquired through the numerous projects we have been honored to be part of across the country.

In the Field

Every BDH construction site is staffed with at least one full time employee to ensure quality craftsmanship and adherence to the construction drawings. Our superintendents are in continuous communication and receive unequivocal support from their project manager.  Our employees strive to achieve the highest level of excellence which makes standing behind our work a simple task.  Our job sites are clean and organized from the day we arrive on site, to the day we hand your store over.  The superintendents are knowledgeable in SWPPP procedures, OSHA regulations and weekly reports.  They are outfitted with smart phones/tablets/laptops and thoroughly understand the importance of clear, concise and prompt information, clarifications and potential issues.